Bevans Private Planting and Dredging

The Five Daughters II is just one of the several boats to leave the docks at sunrise to begin a six hour day oystering the private grounds in the neighboring rivers.
Once the dredge is emptied onto the culling board, each oyster is hand selected until the boat is loaded.

Here the Five Daughters II returns for the day with its load.

Several of the company's private beds are in the Yeocomico River with many more widely spread in the rivers and tributaries connected to the Chesapeake Bay.  When the public oyster grounds close for the season, the Bevans fleet of boats continue working.  Their extensive network of private beds guarantee a year round supply of freshly harvested oysters for you and your customers.

Boats return to docks with Their load of the day


From the boat the Oysters are loaded onto trucks for delivery to the shucking rooms of the plant

Here a truck is ready to deliver newly arrived Oysters for shucking.



The company's ability to plant and harvest its own oysters has been a crucial component in its overall success.  The "Bevans Brand" oyster has become well known across the United States.

This shot shows Our Oyster pile that will be replanted for Oyster Reefs